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We provide design of user specific solutions based on the Aikan technology.

Via a thorough dialogue with the customer we identify the ideal plant for the concrete location and specific mix of waste and/or other input materials available.

A typical construction flow would be:

  • After detailed discussions with the customer Aikan provide design of process and plant
  • The customer contracts with a local consultant to get detailed construction drawings fit to local conditions
  • The local consultant works out tender documents for the construction
  • The customer agrees with a local contractor to build the plant
  • The local consultant manages the building process
  • Aikan provides consultancy during the construction phase
  • Aikan delivers the SCADA system to control the process
  • Aikan educates and train the local staff
  • Aikan manages the startup with the local staff, performs cold testing, warm testing and commissioning
  • The customer takes control of a full functional Aikan plant with educated operational staff
  • The customer and Aikan can sign a surveillance contract by which Aikan continuously follow the operation and status of the process

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