Waste solution

Integrated waste solution

Aikan technology manages 60 % of the total volume of waste from cities in a cost effective and environmental friendly way. That is why Aikan is a good robust place to start. See how it works.

Biodegradable waste makes up for at least half of the total waste volume from cities. When the organic waste is spread on landfills it creates huge environmental and climatic impacts due to methane and nutrient leaching. When threated by Aikan it creates renewable energy and nutrients recycled to compost.

The major challenge of waste management in cities are where, in the value chain, to start. Why not start, where the greatest benefits can be achieved with the lowest costs. That’s where the most waste can be turned to valuable goods and this is by separating Biowaste!

Source separation of bio-waste and green waste makes sense for several reasons. It is valuable, clean and easy recognized resource, and by removing it from the waste stream, other wastes become much easier to handle.


An Aikan plant makes out a focal point in the transition from mixed waste to source separation.

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