Process features

Unigue process features

Aikans unique process split provides enhanced process control and flexibility. 

When microorganisms and enzymes degrade organic matter into volatile fatty acids and other soluble substances pH drops and CO2 develops. The lower pH does accelerate the hydrolysis but inhibits methanogenesis. The Aikan split provides optimal high pH in the reactor and optimal low pH in the process modules. Resulting in high methane contents in the reactor and a very active hydrolysis in the process modules.

The process split results in a low dry-matter content in Aikan reactors that run solid waste. The dry matter of no more than 3-4 % decrease the costs for reactor stirring and gives less sediments in the tank.

The solid fraction in the process modules is ready for composting straight after biogas production. The compost process needs oxygen to function and avoid unintentional methane release. The Aikan process provides active ventilation over the entire composting period and treatment for odorous substances.

Aikan is not only a biogas-plant. Aikan is a complete treatment facility and production site for recyclable and renewable resources.

A keystone in Circular economy.

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