Optimale massbalance

Optimale massbalance

The mass balance is the basis of all business in waste management. The big question is always: How can waste be turned into valuable goods with as little residual waste as possible left for costly treatment or even disposal?

At Aikan we focus on quality products and little use of water and/or other virgin resources since we know that all matter put into a system has to come out somewhere.

Even though quality always depends on the good input we are robust in handling wastes of different quality without dilution.

A mass balance from the Danish plant BioVækst based on 10 years of experience can be seen.

It is wise to remember that all matter – also waste – consist of water and dry matter. In organic matter, a portion of the dry matter is organic, dry matter. That means it is based on carbon. Plastic is, though organic, normally not biodegradable. Therefor a mass balance is also about knowing your inputs. At Aikan we know!