Energy output

Energy output

Biogas is a flexible source of energy. Biogas from Aikan consists of at least 70 % methane (CH4) the remaining part is mostly carbon dioxide (CO2). The biogas can be used to produce electricity and heat directly or it can be upgraded to pure bio-methane by removing the CO2. To produce electricity and heat from biogas is often the cheapest solution, but it is important that both electricity and heat can be sold.

The advantage of pure bio-methane is the higher energy content per volume. Bio-methane holds approximately 10 KWh per normal cubic meter (Nm3). Due to the higher energy content bio-methane can be used to run trucks or cars, and it can be transported in a natural-gas-grid together with natural gas. That makes pure bio-methane easier to sell and transport over longer distances. 

Biomethane can be stored, and the same storage can be used for both natural-gas and for biomethane. The advantage of the storage option is that it can supplement other sources of renewable energy, that can not be stored as easy for example wind- and solar-power. In that way a complete, renewable energy-mix can be obtained.


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