Biogas solution

Our biogas solution

An Aikan plant handles solid waste and wastewater or slurry from livestock. Our solutions include both pre-treatment of the waste and handling of the end-user products.

At least 60 % of the biogas potential in the solid waste creates revenue in form of biogas production. The biogas consists of more than 70 % of methane due to the unique process design. The solution can be designed to exploit methane for transportation or to sell electricity and heat.

The biogas production in an Aikan plant is based on a thoroghly tested and robust anaerobic batch process divided into a dry phase in process modules and a wet phase in reactor tanks. Solid wastes are handled in the process modules, which are subsequently used for in-vessel composting. This dry treatment also provides high tolerance of impurities in the waste. Traceability can be secured by treating different types of waste separately.

The organic content in wastewater and in slurry from livestock degrades in the reactor tanks.

The flexibility of our solution provides good opportunities to ensure an optimal value chain in different and changing scenarios.

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